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    Upgrading XP to XP Pro on dual boot laptop w/SuSE 9

    I have a Sharp Actius laptop (fairly new machine, Athlon 2200+ processor) which dual-booted with no problems using the SuSE 9.2 distro. My skills
    as a sysadmin are extremely limited, as is my time to deal with it...

    I find myself on a project that requires me to install Visual Studio .NET on the
    XP side, and it has limited functionality for the XP Home the machine came with. I need to upgrade XP to XP Pro. Please, no flames on the
    advisability of developing under VS .NET, I'm a consultant, I didn't pick
    the environment.

    My question for you experts is: what's the best way to deal with the fallout of the XP upgrade for retaining dual boot? IOW, how do I preserve the ability to boot both XP and Linux after M$ is finished whatever they're going to do to my poor unsuspecting boot sector???

    Options I can think of:

    1) I have Partition Magic 7.0. I could install that after the XP upgrade and hope it finds the Linux partition.

    2) Reinstall SuSE: is there a way to just install Grub again, without overwriting all my stuff on the bootable partition?

    3) Uninstall the dual-boot (how?), leaving a simple XP machine on the reduced partition; do the upgrade; reinstall dual-boot.

    4) Other stuff I don't know about that I hope some genius among you does...

    Forgive the obvious ignorance, but I'm very wary of messing up a decently working system and sinking a lot of hours I don't have into recovery.

    Thanks in advance,


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    Install/upgrade WinXP, then use the Suse CD to reinstall GRUB.

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