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    Dual boot question

    alright here is my situation. i had mandrake 9.1 installed and windows 2000 pro. i had a dual boot screen that popped up on startup and let me choose between linux/windows. well i wanted to installed red hat so i restarted the computer with the red hat cd iin. everything installed correctly and i chose "delete all linux partitions from hard drive" now my question is. when i boot up my computer i get a screen that said red hate linux or dos. where is windows 2000? i really dont even know if its still on there. any help would be great.

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    if u select dos what happens.
    i woudl guess that it would load windoze. as it most likely jsut has a link to ur windoze partition. since windoze doesnt support diff kernels, this reference to the windows partition will load whatever the widnows bootloader tells it to (ie windoze)

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    im sorry i should of said in the first post. it doesnt load windows. if gives me some sort of error. i will post later what it says.

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    When you installed redhat you installed a new bootloader on master boot record, thats why the names of you diffrent boots have changed, You can always change that in your /etc/lilo.conf if you are running lilo.

    Your windows2000 partition was named dos when the installationprogram recognized you partition when you recreated your linuxpartitions.

    Are you sure that you didnt do anything with you win-partition when you reinstalled the system??. Otherwise try to change in lilo.conf and run lilo to rewrite mbr also verify with fdisk -l <dospartition> to see that you have a valid dos partition there..


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    ok what is lilo? i am not sure that i did anything to my windows partition. it asked me if i wanted to delete all partitions or just linux partitions. so i chose linux. it would help if i knew what lilo was, then and only then may i edit it

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    i restarted my machien with a 98se bootdisk and ran fdisk. my windows partition is still there. also i put another hard drive in and now my main hard drive was under the current fixed disk number 2 and before obviously it was 1. when i installed the other hard drive before i installed red hat, mandrake wouldnt load up. i think im going to have to start all over again since i changed the drive structure. if there any way to get my windows to boot up again?

    edit: i dont have lilo.conf

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    i did some looking around and i figured out i have grub as my bootloader if that makes any difference.

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    I have XP and RH9 working together without any problems. For a long time I have use the windows boot manager but a few months ago I did a reinstall and since then I have used GRUB.

    Dos appears for your windows partition but that can be changed.
    All you really need to do is make sure win2k is already installed. It destroys the mbr if you installed second. Just specify to delete the linux partitions. During Grub configuration you can specify what OS to boot by default.

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    Quote Originally Posted by extensive
    what part don't you understand?

    Try this:

    It looks like your win2k is still there but it is not booting.
    Most likely your MBR (Master Boot Record) is corrupt.
    You can fix this by booting from the w2k CD-ROM, choose repair option during setup, and run Recovery Console. When you are logged on, you can run FIXMBR command to fix MBR.

    This should most likely fix it and you can get back into w2k. Once w2k is up and running you can reboot with the linux cd.
    You need to delete existing Linux partitions or choose existing free space.
    Select the GRUB loader as boot manager and follow the instructions.

    If you want to use the NT boot loader for whatever reason you should have a look at
    Personally I would not do it but it is possible and more time consuming.

    Hope this helps.
    I am on a journey to mastering Linux and I got a bloody long way to go!!!

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