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    i'm pretty new to linux, but anyway here's what I think:
    I've had a PII 233mhz 32mb, and I ran Red Hat 7.1 with KDE2 without any problems. I installed it because I wanted to watch DIVX movies, and windows codecs/players were too slow (yes, MPlayer really IS great . So if I can play fulscreen DIVX movies with my system, I don't see why you couldn't browse the internet with yours. What I (newb that I am) would suggest to you is that you buy another modem, and find yourself an old linux distro (Red Hat 6 ot 7 f.i., it often comes together with Linux books so you should check 2nd hand bookstores). The modem is as others stated pretty cheap, and it isn't exactly trown away money since you can use it with any future system.
    And if you just want to browse the internet and don't want the trouble of learning a new OS (although its a fun thing to learn), buy the new modem and stick to windows 95

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    I think you could use the DamnSmallLinux distro for your computer. There are reports that it runs even on 486 with 16 Megs RAM. It also needs only about 50MB hd space. But I don't know if it supports your modems...

    Check out the website

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    I think you can run an gui, so i think if you configure your system, so that not all ****ing **** will be loaded at boot and you use, a fast windowmanager like iceWM oder windowmaker, it should run, but if you use applications like open office or anything else it would take a while till the programm is loaded, and that is the same as if you use win95 or else.....greets from germany

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