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    Booting Win XP problem!!!

    I'm hoping someone out there can assist me with my problem. Here's what's happened:-

    I formatted a new 200Gig IDE HD and split it into 2, one for Linux and one for Win XP. I installed XP on the larger half then installed Linux on the other half. Win XP worked fine before the Linux installation. Linux boots up and works fine also. The problem occurs when I boot up the P.C and choose the option OTHER via the GNU GRUB, this, I presume should allow me to boot to Win XP. What I actually get is the following:

    Booting ‘Other’

    rootnoverify (hd0,1)
    chainloader +1

    NTLDR is missing
    Press Ctrl_Alt+Del to restart

    I've already tried changing the BIOS to alter how the HD is seen. Unfortunately I only have auto or disabled in the LBA option against how the HD is seen.

    Any suggestions???

    Thanks in anticipation.

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    ...maybe try rootnoverify (hd0,0) for your WinXP section.

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    Thanks, but no joy!

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    Yeah, I got that same error with windows 2000, really messed up my windows- well i was running only windows at that time, had to re install it. That might be the solution, format that partition and re install.

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    Yeah, I second onlinebacon's suggestion for reinstalling. if NTLDR is missing, you cannot load windows cos this tells the system where to find Win XP's kernel and other things required to load.
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    You can fix it without reformatting.The answer is at

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    you might not need a reformat, just a reinstall. that's what i did with win2000
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