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    Noob Question - How do I install my ethernet Drivers?

    Soltek FRN 75 L
    XP 1700
    Radeon 8500

    I have absolutely never used linux before so I have no idea when you say. Recomplie your kernal, use a module etc.... I need to know what you mean....

    Anyways, I have a Realtek OnBoard NIC. RedHat 9.0 doesnt seem to have it, I have the RTL8139. I have a rtl8139.C on my floppy, how do I install this so my ethernet drivers work and I can use the internet on my system? I am also guessing I need the NFORCE 2 Drivers, how they have the Red Hat 9.0 and the Red Hat 9.0 (Kernal Upgrade) which ones do I want?

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    Try the following (if you haven't already):

    As a new user myself, the major problems I have run into is not having the kernel installed when I first tried to install a driver or module. The way you get a kernel installed depends on which distribution you have. You may indeed already have it installed!

    My distribution is SuSE 8.2, so if you have the same I can tell you how it works with this one of the drivers above don't work.

    One caution: I saw through some google searching that people have some trouble with this NIC. I had serious problems with my onboard 3COM gigabit with both Linux and Windows, and bought a $20 US Robotics one that works flawlessly with both without any fuss whatsoever. Something to consider.

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    If I actually understood what the instructions meant it would me out a great deal. No problems with my NIC under Windows... Unless I can somehow use the nvidia drivers for it?

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    Go to the website, and go to the Usage instructions part...

    click on driver updates page...

    The part you want is Using the Source RPM package

    The instructions listed have a # symbol for your information.

    THe other lines are what you are supposed to type

    In testing the link I gave you, it seems that the RPM package link points to a nonexistant link. Sorry about that. You can try searching around google for your driver elsewhere; if you find a so-called RPM package, there are usually good instructions in readme files on how to install the RPM package.

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    Great, so I guess I cant install my ethernet drivers?

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    Just noticed in Aida32 my Network Card is noted as NVIDIA nForce MCP Networking Controller.....maybe I just need the nForce2 drivers?

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    Installed the nforce2 driver or RMP Package, still not working. I had a nveth0 opition for my ethernet, wouldnt even detect it.

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