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    grub problem during reboot

    I have installed Fedora core 4 from 4 discs, on a HP machine with 256M RAM, 60G harddrive. I checked the 4 discs by the installation process.

    After I did the installation, it asks me to reboot, and I did. Then I ran into Grub mode, the screen show grub with the flashing cursor on the left hand corner.

    Can someone give some suggestions how to boot the machine?

    Your help is very much appreciated.


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    It shows this?


    and you can't type anything?

    This means that grub was not installed correctly.

    Boot with the FC1 cd and hit ENTER to install, you wil be given some options when FC sees that it is already installed. Click to do an upgrade or repair.
    Either option should fix your problem.
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    still have problem

    Thanks a lot for your reply. I tried the repair and upgrade. Somehow I still get into this Grub mode. I installed the Fedora on a Sony machine it was fine. I wonder if it has to do with the machine. I am using HP machine, IDE hard drive.

    Any more suggestions ?

    Thanks a lot.


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    Is it a "grub> " prompt? In that case, it means your GRUB configuration file is missing or corrupt.

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    Yeah, just reinstall

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    No. Needn't reinstall.

    Just use the grub4dos:

    Run GRUB.EXE from your bootable DOS floppy, and you can enter Linux, just easy.

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