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    I have basically the same problem. 80 GB HD, (1. Windows XP Home - 25 GB; 2. Misc Partition for Doc Storage - 25 GB; 3. Suse 9.3 - 15 GB (750 MB swap); 4. Xandros 3.0 OCE - 15 GB (750 MB Swap)) (N.B. for some reason at some point in time the fourth partition was made into a primary, I don't remember when and how that was done, but other than that, only the first partition was primary and all others were and are logical). I had Windows XP in and running fine, installed SUSE with a grub boot loader and all is fine booting back and forth. Then I installed Xandros and now when I try to boot into Suse it tells me that the second stage lilo is overloaded and that the kernel is too big. I think I notice in the /boot directory of Xandros that it uses LILO?.?.?, is this true and could this cause conflict? Can I just reinstall Xandros at this point and not use a boot loader or do I have to reinstall SUSE and use a LILO there? or reinstall SUSE with grub boot loader and then reinstall Xandros with no boot loader then go in and reconfig the grub as was mention in the previous post. hmmmm nuff said. I can only boot into XP or Xandros at this point, can I go into Xandros and alter something in a boot configuration or lilo or something that will allow me to boot suse, or can I access the suse partition side through Xandros/Windows (i have access) into SUSE's /boot and alter something there, all without having to reinstall either OS?

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    A more accurate report:

    After I installed Xandros, I DID boot into SUSE once or twice, I even did a critical update as recommeded by SUSE (red) (I forget what the update was). I left suse on all night, in the morning, I rebooted and went into windows then rebooted into Xandros then when I tried to reboot into SUSE I get:

    Preparing SuSE Linux on hda7
    Loading kernel...EBDA is big; kernel setup stack overlaps LILO second stage

    then the Xandros LILO boot gui's progress indicator on the bottom freezes. Now I have not let it sit there for 15 mins or so to see what will eventually happened (if it recovers itself) but after a bit all HD activity and lights stop and all is silent. I will try to let it sit for a bit and see hwta happens.

    I would really like to rescue this with reinstalling everything, but if I have to reinstall, I want to know the best corse to take.

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    metamorphousthe, you probably should have started your own thread as your problem is quite different from snjbrian's.

    My advice, boot with the Suse cd/dvd and select to install.
    When Suse sees that it is already installed, just do a Repair.
    Do the Automatic Repair as this will fix the entire problem.
    And it should add entries for Windows and Xandros.
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