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Thread: HDD help

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    HDD help

    I just installed a new 80gb HDD. I had tonnes of trouble installing it, becasue the computer wouldnt start. I installed it has a slave hdd, But when i check in "My computer" it doesnt show up. When i go to "Manage hardware" it is there, with no problems. HELP!

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    Though this has nothing to do with linux, but anyway You have to create partitions on your hdd and format them, from "Computer Management->Disk Management"

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    Thank you for your help, but my old HDD was parTitioned, so i doubt my new one does

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    Any drive can be repartitioned and reformatted no matter on your other drives state. Don't doubt, you try it first Be carefull not destroy data on your old drive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RustamB
    ... "Computer Management->Disk Management" ...
    Oh, excuse me... Your used termin "My Computer", and I suddenly though that you were talking about windows Sorry, of course there is no "Computer Management->Disk Management" in linux Tell us what distro you use, and we'll try to tell you what tool you'd better use to partition your new drive. Note, that generally, fdisk or cfdisk used to create partition, and mkreiserfs, mke2fs or other used to format partition. Be carefull with these tools

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