I have a new Linux install on my computer and I am experiencing random (meaning that it doesnt happen the same way every time) freeze ups. What happens is that I will be working along and suddenly everything freezes...I should say.. the keyboard locks up and the mouse stops working. If an application is running, like XMMS, it continues however. My keyboard and mouse are both PS/2 plugs not USB. When I reboot the system (from floppy because I did not want to install GRUB on the MBR due to problems with Windows), the reboot hangs when it gets to the initializing of the USB Controller. If I try rebooting again, the same thing happens. I must power all the way down, or reboot to Windows, and back to Linux to get the Linux boot to complete.

My computer is an AMD based system with an Athlon XP1800 CPU, MSI K7T266A Pro 2 mother board (VIA chipset), 512MB RAM, Sony CDR and Sony CD-RW. I have two WD hard drives...the first one and master, is a 40GB drive where I have my WinXP system loaded. The second, also a WD drive, is 100GB. The first 30GB or so is Linux partitions, and the remaining 70gb is divided into 3 fat32 partitions to share win files.

When I originally installed the RH9 system, I did so with the BIOS setting for USB turned off. Because I saw it hanging on the USB on reboot, I turned the USB back on, and rebooted. It launched Kudzu of course and it found the USB controller and installed it. But still I experienced the freeze ups. I have sequentially gone in and disabled C000 Shadow cacheing...which didnt seem to do any good, even though it seemed more stable for a couple of days. Then I tried disabling the APIC, but then I couldnt boot into Windows at all. I still have the on board ROM cacheing enabled, which I guess I can try.

One thing that did happen, is that right after I installed, I did do the RHN updates on like 64 modules (when I had USB turned off). I later turned the USB on as I mentioned, but then I got another RHN message to update the kernel. So it may be possible that there is some mismatch somewhere??

If anyone has had this issue, or can lend more light on it, I would appreciate it. I would really love to use Linux, but it seems SO sensitive. Windows doesnt seem to have a problem at all...just keeps on going.