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    Prob with SuSE 8.2

    I'm a newbie to Linux and had problems booting.
    The only time I could actually get into it was straight after installing. After the next restart I could only boot in safe mode. Regular linux turns up "error23: error while parsing number"
    When the boot is finished it asks me for login and password in command line style, not like after 1st boot with mouse and everything. It does accept them but doesn't let me into linux (Kde, whatever its called). Is there a command to trigger this manually?
    Also could this in any way be related in me not being able to find my Radeon 9800 in the list of graphics cards during installation?
    Thx for the help.

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    i dont want to pretend to understand your problem but im sure its something simple. anyway when logged in in text mode type startx

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    Thx, pal as I said I'm a complete Newbie!!!!!!!!

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    np:) if startx dosnt work you may also try changeing to runlevel 5 (if you are not allready) with the "init5" command which must be executed as root user to change to root type "su" and then enter the root password

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    I am sure I have seen that error myself. But then, I have seen so many it's hard to tell.

    Yes, I think it stems from your 9800 pro. I have same card and same distro, and I think I saw that error when I picked the wrong card from YAST.

    You have to pick VESA emulation at first, and download a driver later. If you can't get X-windows to the point where you can load YAST, then you should run xf86config and pick VESA graphics when you get to that point.

    Once you get yast up and working, then visit ATI's site and download their driver. Follow the directions you can find on their site (there is no readme if I remember correctly), and then you set up X-windows with their config program.

    If some of that didn't make sense, or if you already figured it out, then let me know

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    thx aschueler for the help,

    I'll try VESA drivers during the next install.

    I was also advised to use the "force LBA" during installation. Is this really nececcary just because I install at the end of a 40 GB drive?

    btwn: Where is Linus Torvalds from? He's the guy who got the whole thing going isn't he?


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    No idea what "force LBA" is for or what it would do...

    But I can help you install radeon drivers if you get a problem. That's about all I am good for at the moment ...

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    Linus is from Finland...


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    O.K folks, I'll try a complete format (windows aswell) and a bit of re-arranging towards the start of the drive. The funny thing is that KDE loads fine on first boot but then turns up those errors.

    See u in 6 1/2 hour's time...

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    thx folks,

    Finally got the problem solved... Just needed to get rid of that bleedin' windows and then things ran smoothly

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