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Thread: MD5 Question

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    MD5 Question

    My question is you use the MD5 checksum that comes with whatever distro you download and then you use something like "MD5summer" and it recreates the MD5 checksum after you have downloaded the ISO now this is where I get confused are they suppose to look identical or not?
    cause when I compare my "fedora core 4" they are not identical but I have "Slamd64-10.2" and the MD5's are identical??

    Thanks in advance


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    IIRC you should put the md5-file in the same folder as the iso, and run "md5sum -c file.md5" to check the md5sum. And yes, I beleve the MD5 should be identical.

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    Can I do that from windows and the program Iam using is called "MD5summer".

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    2 identical files will have the same md5 hash. If they are not identical, the hases will be different.

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    Well how come like my Live CD's like Auditor, Knoppix 4.0 DVD, Whax 3.0 they work fine boot and all?

    And what can I do to prevent this from happening? could it be because I use DAP ( Download Accelerator Plus)??

    And what is a Sha1sum?

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    After this just started checking all of my ISO's and when it came to ISO "Whoppix-2.7.1.-final.iso" I found three different hashs when was looking for it and one of them matched

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