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    Linux Installation Experiment

    I want to try out an experiment, but not knowing how it will turn out, I decided to post it here to see if anybody can give me any advice. What I want to do is instead of repartitioning my current HDD, I want switch the jumper on the HDD from master to slave and install a new HDD (I already have it) as the master, and install Linux onto it. What problems would I runn into if I did this?

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    Slave will not be bootable

    I don't think the slave will be bootable if you do this. While you will be able to see the drive, I don't even know if you can use it. I might be wrong, but I am pretty sure that is what will happen.

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    you will be able to use the drive, but you will not be able to boot from it. When you install linux, it should (may) see the other drive, notice Windows is on there, then try to set it up so you can boot windows as well, but this is all in theory. Worst comes to worse, you can boot linux, edit your bootloader (grub or LILO) configuration file, and allow yourself to boot windows with ease
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    That's actually what I was hoping would if I did this. I want to dump Windows, but I still want to have access to my data. Thanks!

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