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    RAID hardware help

    I friend of mine recently dropped a butt-load of money on a new system. He planned on setting up his hard drives in a RAID array, but didn't know much about it. I've never delt with this myself, but we agreed to make it a lerning experience and hope it worked out. The problem we ran into is this:
    He bought 3 80 GB herd drives, it never occured to either of us that there would be a different type of data cable required for RAID (opposed to the flat parallel cables that would normally plug into the drive).

    Is there some sort of adapter we need in order to attach the raid cables to the drives, or do we need to buy special RAID hard drives?

    Also, there's the power issue. with three hard drives, two dvd drives, and a video card that takes two power plugs...can I buy a spliter to run power to more devices?

    thanks in advance for the help, let me know if you need more information.

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    standard cables and hard drives. A word of warning linux does not like certain software raid controlers when raided..ok its most of them.
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    I really feel dumhere, but how do I attach that many standard cables to the motherboard? There's two plugs on the mobo, one for the dvd player and dvd burner, and the other for (normally) master/slave drives. the motherboard had four slots named "SATA 1, SATA 2, SATA 3, SATA 4", which I thought were used for a RAID array, but the cable type is different. is there a converter cable? an attachment of some sort?

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    No thouse are conecters are for sata hard drive (normal hard drives with a thiner cable and slightly faster drives). Is this raid capability built in to motherboard, if so when raid is set up on it linux does not like it if its certain types of integrated raid controlers.
    All i want for christmas is a new liver....a second chance to get afflicted with Cirrhosis

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    I see. Yes, the mobo has RAID funtionality built in, but I'm not sure what OS he's decided to run. He's got three drives (normal, not sata) and we arn't sure how to install them for use in a RAID array. the motherboard, like all others I've seen, just have two connections for the data cable (one to run the cd/dvd roms and the other to run the hard drives.) how do we use three drives with one plug?

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    All i want for christmas is a new liver....a second chance to get afflicted with Cirrhosis

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    Awesome, thanks. I was looking for something like that before I posted, but couldn't seem to find it for some reason.

    We've determined this: My friend jumped the gun and baught the wrong type drives for what he wanted to set up. He can still run RAID with the UATA drives he has, but it would require a RAID card in one of his PCI slots. He's decided to but four more SATA drives, use them with the motherboards 4 SATA interfaces, and use the UATA drives he has for extra storage. now we've gotta buy some power splitters...

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