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Thread: Bad Blocks

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    Bad Blocks

    I have already installed RH 9 but it continues to lock up while browsing the web. Can't figure out what is causing it.

    So i am doing a reinstall of RH9 and this time decided to check for bad blocks. Sure enough it reported I did have some bad blocks. How do I get rid of these bad blocks. I do not have any valuable data on the drive. So formating it is not a problem if I need to do this. The drive I am using is a Western Digital 30GB WD307AA model.

    I am just a beginner to Linux so I need some help to do this.

    Help is greatly appreciated.


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    You dont need to reinstall the system yet, you can execute..

    e2fsck -c
    To mark the bad blocks bad to preven the filesystem to write there again, but i recomend you to backup your data very soon because you harddrive will probably break in a near future.


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    Thanks for the Reply!!

    Right now I do not have any OS on the box. So I will have to reinstall RH 9 without checking for bad blocks.

    Then run e2fsck -c command (which makes the system skip those blocks)
    Then get a new hard drive.

    Once RH 9 is installed how do I check for bad blocks?

    I would like to check the other hard disks in my PC. I found out that the hard disk in question might have bad blocks from doing a reinstall of RH9.

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    Installing redhat will not cause bad blocks on a drive. Bad blocks are a sign of disk failure. You can have redhat check the disk with fsck before installing to it.

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