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    How many /swap are needed?

    Right now I am dual booting with XP Home and RH 9.0. If I want to add FC4, should I creats a /swap partition for it like I did RH or just use the already existing one?

    160 GB Total Hard Disk Space

    80 GB - XP Home

    20 GB - RH 9.0
    1 GB - RH /swap

    20 GB - FC4
    1 GB - FC4 /swap???????

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    Should be ok to use existing swap for both. Remember to copy the /etc/fstab entry for swap and use the same entry in the /etc/fstab for the new installation. (Note: I am talking about only the swap entry, not the whole file.)

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    When you install FC4, FC4 will detect the existing swap partition and ask you if you want to use that, just say yes.
    Good to go.
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    Why waste space?

    Why waste 1 GB of HD space?

    How many RAM do you have? More RAm you have, less swap space you need...

    For example I have 1 GB of RAM... I use "only" 256 MB of swap space...

    Maybe your two swap partitions can be join into a only one, shared between you two Linux installations...
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    I have 2GB of pc3200.

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    you don't need a will be faster if you don't have on one...if you make one, comment it out in /etc/fstab and you can always turn it on manually when you need it, with, eg
    swapon /dev/hda3
    replacing hda3 with whatever your swap is...
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