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    Dual booting with a ghosted XP


    I am completely new to Linux but can see that there is a lot to offer and I like it!

    I hope that this hasn't been posted already, but if it has please point me to it!

    I have a laptop with no floppy, (a DVD writer) that came with XP Pro installed. The problem is i haven't got the XP disc but the ghosted version of it (on DVD) as it left the factory.
    I used a Maxtor utility to wipe and partition the drive so I could partition it to make it run a bit more swiftly.
    Now, i want to dual boot with Linux.
    I plan to use Ubuntu as i like it and it seems like a good beginners choice.
    If i stick the install disc in and it discovers i already have an OS on there will it set itself up in the other partition currently labelled "D" within Windows? I know that this isn't a primary partition and therefore cannot boot from it, but can I leave XP as it is and "play" around with the spare drive?

    Thanks in advance

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    Yeah, sure you can... I think.

    So you have Win XP installed on one partition, and a free partition as well. All you need to do is install ubuntu ono that free partition, and you should be set. Good Luck, and enjoy linux :P

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    Thanks for your reply.
    So even though the partition isn't set to primary, Ubuntu will do the rest as far as booting is concerned?
    So, if i install it on what was called "D" within windows, when I turn on my laptop I will get a menu asking which OS to boot from?

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    Yes, that is right. However, if you want to resize your windows partition, download knoppix (live cd linux) and use the qtparted program it it to partition drive for you. Tell it to format the "linux" partition as ext2/3. When Ubuntu sees it, it should ask to install there.

    This menu asking you which OS to boot from is called grub. When installing linux, be sure to install grub to the MBR of the hard drive. This way you get to choose which OS to boot at startup.
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    Thanks for your help. I can't wait to be using Linux

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