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    unable to install onto laptop

    I'm trying to install Mepis Linux on the hard drive of my Toshiba Satelite Pro 4300 laptop. I boot up the cd when I turn on the laptop. I have used the "demo" programme and also the "root" programme. The "demo" programme "crashed" after about 1 hour. The "root" programme just kept on going. I left it running overnight (approx. 12 hours) and the screen showed a blue background with black "cogs". The cd kept spinning but I couldn't do anything with the computer and had to turn it off by the power to stop the cd. To be honest, I have no idea what I am doing!!!. Any help (or a step by step guide) would really be appreciated.

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    I have got the pretty much same lappy as that, I wouldnt recommend Mepis for it, cos it is pretty old, I would try something like SLAX, Slackware, Damnsmalllinux, or maybe gentoo.

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