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Thread: EMERGE!??!?

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    hey, im using yoper since last night, and it is a GREAT distro.... but the thing is that i just cant seem to get emerge to work for me on like anything i try (which is also the reason why i wasted like a week of my life on gentoo trying to emerge xfree, lol ) well anyways, the only thing i can emerge is like lynx... i have gnome on here currently (becuase i prefer it over kde) and i wanted to emerge gaim, now that gives me those pesky deps errors like pango, but emerge is suppose to auto do the deps for you right? well, i see that theres a pkg that i can download and i do, i install it, but when i open that it tells me that the msn plugin wont work! ....well besieds gaim, ill try to emerge other things like say, vmware or xchat, niether do these work when i use emerge... is it I that is doing something wrong? because all i type to try to "emerge" an app is like (ie gaim)
    emerge gaim
    well that gives me what ive already told you, and i know about that inject feature, but that seems kind of pointless of having emerge if you have to download pkg's anyways

    sorry if this may seem rude, i dont mean to be anythin near rude, because i would really like to stick with yoper for the rest of my life if it keeps like this, but i wont if i cant get the emerge to work (hence why i blew my life on gentoo)...thnx for any info you can give me, i really appreciate it!!

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    Doesn't Yoper use RPMS? Gentoo uses emerge.

    Which one are you using?

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