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    Linux & Windows XP on the same machine

    Hi guys,

    I have no idea on how to install/use Linux OS, and that's why I'm here to ask for your help on the following issues:

    1- Is it possible to run both Linux & Windows XP OSs on the same machine?
    2- Which version of Linux I should use? and where do I find it?
    3- Some recommendations on the installation process.

    Kindly advise

    Thank you

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    1 - Yes, it's possible.
    2 - I don't know, there are lots.. the web is full of these questions and this forum too, search.
    3 - Hmm.. no, just pay attention to the partitioning part of the install so you don't mess up anything.
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    Spend a few days reading through these forums. Do searches using keywords XP, dual-boot and partitioning. QtParted is a good and friendly tool for shifting Windows partitions and it is available on the Knoppix LiveCD with which you would be able to introduce yourself to Linux without actually changing your hard disk, and then you will be able to make room for Linux when you are ready to install. In fact, Knoppix could be your first distro. Linux installation CDs can be bought online from LinuxCD.Org and others at very low cost, or you can download and burn on CD any distro you want. Again, search these forums for more, because all of these questions have been discussed at length.
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    3- Some recommendations on the installation process.
    If you download iso's -> check the md5's
    If you partition -> back up your data
    WARNING: I may be telling you more than I know !

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