Installing: trustix 3.0

ECS K7SEM rev1.0 Motherboard with onboard RealTek LAN
800Mhz AMD Duron

Trying to Install Trustix 3.0 downloaded largest ISO from 10-5-2005 and burned to a CD-R

I get all the way through the installation with any combiniation of packages, including just the minimum install, but right at the end when the final step reaches 100%, I get a message similar to:

Installation Error
...package broken...

(it does not specify what package)
Then it exits to the shell.

It downloaded everything ok when I had more packages selected. I've tried 2 CD's and several mirrors, but it fails everytime. I've even tried only installing the minimum package. Each time I do this, I also delete the partition from the previous install, so that it uses the auto partition on an "empty" drive.

What should I look for next?