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    GENTOO network configuration


    I'm preparing to install GENTOO on my main comp my dilemma... I use an HSF WinMODEM that does work with LINUX... is there a driver for GENTOO? where can I find it?

    My second problem - all of the other computers in the house use this dial-up connection through ETH0 on this system. I know it sucks but I have no other alternative at this point.

    How can I configure IP Masquerading real quick so that I don't have to learn all of IPTABLES right now -> I don't have time... ETH0 is internal and needs to Masquerade to PPP0.

    Once it is working, I can go back and configure the firewall as I get time.

    I also would like all systems on the internal network to use a controlled DHCP environment for resolution -> I would like this system to be the DHCP server - how can I configure this on GENTOO?


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    You can use the same driver for your modem in gentoo. Look at the iptables howto, in their example they do exactly what you want. For the dhcp server, just emerge dhcpd and edit the confs.

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    ... hmmmmmm... I guess I'll just learn iptables... it was silly of me to ask for someone else to do my dirty work.

    In some checking of Gentoo's Portage tree, I found that it DOES have an hsf modem driver in /net-dialup/hsflinmodem -> I suppose that that's what I use. Their new payment scheme is silly I think although I do agree on the purpose. (Who thought that I'd ever be willing to shell out money for a driver that I get to compile on my own)

    so here's what I have
    emerge dhcpd and edit the confs
    emerge hsflinmodem and run the conf
    ----How can I use the ebuild and pass the key to it
    ----If you need more information
    emerge iptables
    emerge iproute
    ----Not sure what this is but it seems necessary
    Technically that SHOULD get me up and running no?


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    Well if you need the driver for your modem to work, how do you suppose you will do an emerge sync or emerge the driver without a net connection? My suggestion is to do a grp install and pre-download and save the driver somewhere (cd, spare partition ect) so you can get it working before you emerge sync and start emerging programs.

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