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    Dual-booting Suse

    Hello,To all

    Could someone here please help me with this problem
    i am trying to do this with Suse9.2 Pro & Suse10
    but here is the problem i'm having i can't seem to be able

    to partition my hard drive in YaST or using fdisk
    what i would like to do is give Suse10 20GB if that is a good size
    now if it can't be done i will do a reinstall of all

    if someone can tell me the best way to partition a
    160GB hard drive i'm talking about what you think
    is the best way to setup the harddrive to install both Vers

    Thank you

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    Mar 2005
    This is how I would reccomand you to partition it (you asked for our reccomandation too, right?):
    15-20GB suse 9.2 /-partition
    15-20GB suse 10 /-partition
    512MB swap partition
    the rest for suse 10 /home partition

    For / you don't really need any more than 10Gb, but if you intend to install a bunch of stuff (all software on CDs plus some extra games and apps), it's good to have some free space.

    But can't you resize the partitions in yast? If not, I think perhaps parted/qtparted can (lies on for example knoppix livecd)...

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    First i thank you for you time & help
    & yes i did ask for your reccomandations
    now let's see if i have what you are saying

    this here

    15-20GB suse 9.2 /-partition<--here you are saying 1 20GB in size???
    15-20GB suse 10 /-partition<--Same thing here
    512MB swap partition
    the rest for suse 10 /home partition<--here i don't get when you say the rest of 10

    & what is the 15 infront of the 20GB this here 15-20GB

    sorry not good at this

    Thank you

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    15-20GB = between 15 and 20 gigabytes
    the rest for suse 10 /home partition = use the rest of the harddrive space for a /home partition for suse v10

    I hope I expressed myself better this time

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    Ok i will try here but i am big time dumb
    so what you are saying is.

    4 partitions

    1. for 9.2
    1. for 10
    1. for Swap
    1. for Home

    but if wwhen i go to install say 9.2 in one
    of the partitions is this not the /Home????

    sorry like i said big time dumb here

    Thank you

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    so your saying 1 /home partition for both 9.2 & 10
    i hope i am gething this info sorry about taking up
    all your time

    Thank you

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    I mostly thought of having one home partition for suse 10, storing all your music, images and such files there, and no /home partition for suse 9. In suse 9, you should instead have a mountpoint /mnt/home where you can access the suse 10 files. Or perhaps mounting the suse /home as /mnt/home in 9.2, and then creating a symlink so that in 9.2 /home/username/personal points too /mnt/home/username/personal - if you partition like that, install 9.2 on one and 10 on the other, we'll help you access your files on the 10 partition from within suse 9

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    Ok i get you so i do have the option to do one
    or the other when i goto install.

    I thank you

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