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    ALSA && PPP with 2.6test9

    I have trouble trying to get alsa and ppp to work with the 2.6test9 kernel.
    It builds and starts fine, login to X fine.

    I have no sound and can't dial in using my modem. Pretty much the error messages are that:
    /dev/dsp does not exist.
    /dev/modem does not exist.
    However, this is bollocks because I can see the files, they actually link to:

    Even if I try to cat /dev/dsp I get an error!!!
    I am logged in as root.
    All permissions are fine.

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    did you recompile alsa after you built the kernel? also, try using modprobe to load the modules for your hardware.. that's all i can think of without knowing more about your system..
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    You don't need to compile any alsa drivers if you're using 2.6, so I'm told (b/c it's built into the kernel). Check out the ALSA guide over at gentoo:

    It's really helpful...that's what I used to get setup with alsa.
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    Oh, and I don't think ALSA uses /dev/dsp as the soundcard device, but you can make ALSA emulate OSS = use /dev/dsp.

    I have never used alsa, just skimmed throug the documentation

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