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    Quick-to-boot Distro?


    Linux newbie here. I'm looking for the right distribution to use. I would ideally like the following characteristics:

    --not cpu-intensive: it's for an old laptop which I'm making into a video/audio client, so could do with using as little of the cpu and ram on running linux, and more on the video, as possible!
    --quick to boot: this is important. I don't want to have to wait ages each time I want to listen to my music
    --allows me to use videolan
    --allows me to set up wired and wireless networks
    --likely to allow me to use the tv out port on the laptop

    All suggestions welcome!


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    I've not used it, but Blag is supposed to be rather intensive in the audio-visual department. I'm not sure what its default DE is, but you could run a straight Windows Manager like IceWM or Fluxbox to cut down on CPU usage. Both get up and going pretty fast. My personal favourite is IceWM. Very fast and easily configurable. Here are some nice Blag screens...
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    I'd take a look at Vector standard. It comes with some light wm's (IceWM, for instance) and boots really fast. The tv-out port would probably take some doing, though.
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