I am planning to install a Debian distro on a clean HD on a PII-328MB-160GB. To that end I have a CD with the netinst iso on it, ie minimal install and installing remaining packages on the fly. I have used ISO burning software to create this CD.

After changing BIOS settings according to http://www.debian.org/releases/stabl...oot-dev-select and booting from the CD-ROM nothing happens. The CD spins for a bit, but it is not aware of having to install Linux.

My questions are:
1. What step am I overlooking that installation has been unsuccessful?
2. I have no need for a Windows partition, but perhaps given the above, this may not be a bad idea.
3. Also perhaps I could try a lighter Debian based distro first, such as DSL and upgrade to Debian from there?

Thanks in advance