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    Installing Fedora

    I'm installing Fedora on a p3 Gateway to be used as a network server. I put in the first install disk and boot, but all I get is the BIOS and then "Operating System Not Found" I downloaded the i386 .iso's and burned them and stuff. Just doesn't seem to work. The master hard drive is clean and brand new.

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    Did you set the bios boot order with CD before hard drive?(if possible, otherwise set to boot from a floppy and read instructions on how to make a bootdisk floppy) If you've already done that, I'd say your CD is flawed (did you use an iso burner [correct!] or did you just copy the iso to the CD [wrong!]?) If you used an iso burner, then check sum it and see if your data is correct.


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    The boot order is set CD, floppy, HD, network. I opened the .iso in Toast 6 for OS X. I didn't just put the .iso on a disk, I used it to burn the disk. I can try re-burning the CD and then verifying it. Thanks for the quick reply. Is a Pentium III an i386 processor?

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    If you mean Toast Titanium on OSX, sometimes toast has problems burning disks that are readable by pc, make sure you go into options and check to create a disk that is readable by pc and mac...
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    Ok, I think I had that setting checked, but I'll make sure to do that when I reburn the disk

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    Ok, bad news fellas. I re-burned the disk in Toast, making sure to burn it for PC too. Verified the disk like a little goodie two shoes. Popped the disk in, and ... nothing. What do I do? Re-download all of the disks? Is it a problem with my hardware?

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    Did you download the ISOs with "SRPM" in them? Those are the source code, not the installer binaries.

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    Thanks!!!! That was it!!!!

    Can someone give me a link to a torrent of all four disks?

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