I need to expand my partition on my server. I have a Debian Linux mounted as / on a 9GB HD. The disk actually has 2 partitions, / and swap (1GB). I would like to move swap to a separate drive and after setting up mirroring on the RAID utility thing I would like to enlarge the primary partition to use the extra GB of space. The easy way would be to Back it up, reformat, and then restore, but I would like to perhaps do it without bringing down the server for more then few min (needed to setup RAID mirror). I have never done this on linux, but are there ways to resize partitions without trashing the data?

On a related, but not linux related, note, is anyone here running ProLiant servers? I am trying to figure out how to get it to start mirroring one of my drives with out having to wipe everything and start over. Have you done this. Any ideas? I really would like to avoid down time of more then few hours

- Bogdan