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    Preparing an old laptop

    I have an old 233Mhz laptop w/32megs of ram. I want to install linux on it but it doesn't boot from cd. Also, there are no partitions on it. What do I do? Should I just make a grub bootdisk from another distro? I want to install either gentoo, or FreeBSD.
    Help is appreciated.
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    Seeing as that topic isnt very useful, just get a bootable floppy image and install an OS that way.

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    Old laptop redux

    Well... I'm not sure you can just put any old linux on a machine w/32M of ram - but one distro that trys to stake out that territory is Vector Linux. They have attempted to make a modern distro for older hw. I believe it is Debian based.

    Have fun - i have a couple of old dinosaurs running linux and it is neat to see them become useful.

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    Just to mention that installing gentoo on that machine will take a long time (as will installing anything else later on). If you've got the time, though, it's worth it. Vector is a good suggestion, I've not used FreeBSD, but I'd also recommend DSL (damn small linux).
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