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    direct ISO install?

    to whom it may concern

    I am currently running DSL 1.5 and wish to replace it with knoppix 3.6.
    this is a problem as i have no CD Burner.
    does anyone know of a way to install an ISO directly to the hard drive?.


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    this might not be much help (as i've never installed from an iso before), but to mount an iso you would normally do:
    mount /dsl-partition/
    mount -t iso9660 /path/to/iso/iso-name.iso -o loop
    editted for clarity (and missed some things)

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    Hi guys,

    Maybe this is not exactly the answer to your question, but if you want boot a live on cd from a partition, and NOT installing it like the installer does, follow the steps below. they work on a slackware live on cd, but i did make some experience with knoppix as well, and i m quite sure, same steps work for other distros since most of them use syslinux (isolinux) bootloader...

    You can have goblix and any other live cd running from hd, just the same way it is running from cdrom, improving performance quite a lot. it is definitively slower than really installing the unpacked goblix (like using goinstall...) but lot quicker than from cd. furthermore you can take advantage of automatically mounted swap partition etc. etc.
    only thing to be done is to replace isolinux with extlinux from syslinux, because isolinux can only boot from isos and there are quite some differences for the bios to boot from cdrom than from hd.

    little howto:
    create datapartition - size is rather unimportant: goblix mini fits within 200MB
    create swappartition
    copy content of cdrom to data partition
    download extlinux from syslinux homepage
    copy isolinux.cfg to extlinux.conf
    run command "extlinux /mnt/hda1" (if hda1 is mounted to /mnt/hda1 and is datapartition
    run command "cat mbr.bin > /dev/hda"
    make sure /dev/hda1 has boot flag activated

    thats it. next time you boot from hda you start goblix just as it would boot from cdrom...



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    Excellent! Would that work for booting a live cd off a usb stick???

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    I am quite sure. USB-Sticks are formatted in FAT, the standard syslinux is capable of booting from FAT. This should work, though there are some hints on USB Sticks in the extlinux extension of syslinux as well, though I believe USB Sticks are not formatted with ext2.
    The only issue when booting from USB-Sticks is, thats there are differences in the bios booting from USB (2 ways the bios boots is). So you might not be able to use this for every PC, maybe you need to versions.

    kind regards,


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