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    How Do i install this

    hi all, im a windows boff(no surprise), and i heard linux is more practical...

    so... i read the docs(useless, cause a cant understand s**t in them.
    like i say, windows boff.

    anyways,i download, burn, and boot. (i downloaded gentoo)
    going great so far, but then i get a command prompt with a nice gentoo background.
    where do i go from here???

    ps: im really trying to make an effort to convert, but the linux gods could've made it abit simpler.

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    try enter

    If you have never installed gentoo before, you will need this because it requires more effort than most linux distributions to install, IMO.
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    Re: How Do i install this

    Quote Originally Posted by R34p3R
    ps: im really trying to make an effort to convert, but the linux gods could've made it abit simpler.
    Installing Gentoo requires some Linux experience.
    I would suggest you download Knoppix, burn it, and see what Linux is. Knoppix is Live CD, so you can get familiar with the Linux environment. After that, choose some Linux that is easier to install (SuSE, Fedora, Ubuntu, Debian, etc.).

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    Yeah, try something more user-friendly... Gentoo isn't quite a distro recommended for first-time linux users unless you really mean bussiness
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    i agree with the above posts...gentoo is pretty difficult to install. with little experience, you can plan on installing it a few times before finaling working out all your mistakes...and the install takes a long time, so it can get frustrating. i'd recommend a more user-friendly distro (as said before) like Suse, Fedora Core, Mandriva,....

    once you feel comfortable with those and feel the need to try something different, than give gentoo a shot. once you understand what's going on (and follow the handbook instructions very carefully), installing gentoo will be fairly easy. you just need to understand some basics first

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    if you really want to install gentoo, just do it, everyone at the forums was telling me not to install it but i did just fine(kinda took a while). just follow the manual.

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    I wouldn't recommend Gentoo Linux, because it is pretty difficult for someone new to Linux. If you want to make your conversion easier, I would try something like simply mepis, or xandros.

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    I kinda agree with the other recommandations to try something else first, but if you really wanna install gentoo then read and re-read the documentation. The instructions for gentoo are second to none, and, if you stick with them to the letter, then everything will go fine!
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