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    64 bit OS's Question and a poll!!!

    ok i just got my brand freeking new awsome compy running winblows. with the predy Athlon 64 4000. my other compy has FC4 and winblows XP. Now what I wanna know is ...

    What is the advantages to having a 64 bit OS? If I have a 64 bit os (say FC4 X64) do I have to have all 64 bit programs.

    also can I network 2 computers one with not 64 bit and the othr with...well im stupid with networking so if that sounds stupid to u please dont kill me.

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    This has been asked several times, so I'll try and paraphrase it one more time.

    The software available today in the 64-bit arena doesn't yet take full advantage of the new features present in the X86_64 architecture, so there's really no serious performance difference between running 64-bit or 32-bit applications on those processors.

    On the other hand, there are some pieces of software (for instance Macromedia's Flash plug-in) that simply do not have a 64-bit version yet, so you'll end up having to install a 32-bit browser to install the 32-bit extension.

    In conclusion, I recommend sticking with a 32-bit OS on your 64-bit CPU for the time being, until the software developers start to take advantage of the new features available. Hopefully since 64-bit Linux has been out for several years now and 64-bit XP is just now out, this will promote more 64-bit-specific development.
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    When Vista comes out thge pro version will have 64 bit compatibility. Seeing as all new P4s and PDs have 64 bit extensions, it could be possible that some software starts to go 64 bit, but most likly to OS after Vista will be 100% 64 bit.

    However as far as Linux goes I know nothing.

    BUt XP 64 is absolutly terrible and for the most part offers less preformance due to poor drivers.

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    although i'm never "upgrading" to vista. I'll stick with xp, just like when xp came out some people stuck with 2k.

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    Why not just kick XP off too :P

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    yah winblows well blows. I only use it cause of the massive amounts of video gaming goodness thats compatable. If you dont game windows is completely useless. either way thanks for the 64 bit info guys. now im goint to install FC4 fun.

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