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    Uninstalling Linux

    I made a Google search on the subject and came up with two options:

    1- Format the partion where linux is installed and then restore the MBR track with my Windows cd, run the Recovery Console and do a fixmbr

    2- Enter Linux and, on the terminal, do a lilo -u /dev/hda1 then formatting the partition.

    Will both of them work or am i missing something?

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    Either should work.
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    thanks techieMoe for the quick answer

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    Re: Uninstalling Linux

    I didn't find a manual page for Lilo, so I don't know about 'lilo -u'. Of course, if Lilo isn't installed to start with, it won't be much good. I'm guessing that that command might try to replace the current MBR with a copy of the previous MBR. If you just want to do something else where your Linux is, you can just erase the files on any given partition or you can usually install another OS on top of it.
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    Ok, so let me explain to you the whole situation:

    I have a dual boot setup - Win2k and RH9

    Plus two partitions - 1 for Win2k, 1 NTFS and 1 FAT32

    For RH9 i have 3 partitions - 1 is the /, the other is for boot (i guess) and the other is swap. (i choose the automatic partition when i installed it).

    What i want do to is to join my FAT32 part. with the other (linuxes) ones without deleting Win2k.

    I tought it was possible to do this with RH9 partitioner, but it's not. So should i use a program to do so?

    Oh and i'm using grub.

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    If I understand, you want to delete the FAT32 partition and use that space in your Linux system. Depending on your needs, there are a few options:

    1. You could simply format the FAT32 partition in a Linux format: ext3 or reiserfs among others and then mount the partition as a /home folder or /usr for example.

    2. If you want to reinstall your Linux, you will have the opportunity to delete the FAT32 partition and then if you delete an adjacent Linux partition, you could then create a new partition that fills the space previously used by both.

    3. If you don't want to reinstall Linux but you just want to move partition boundaries around, I think you will need to use QTParted which is available on Knoppix LiveCDs. I don't know that it can be used within a mounted Linux system, but it doesn't seem like a good idea. And I wouldn't trust Partition Magic or any other Windows based application to do the job.

    To discuss this further, it may be useful if you would post your partition table: that is, the output of the command 'fdisk -l' (that's <dash> and lower-case "L", not one).
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    No, no. What i want to do is:
    1 - Remove linux
    2 - Delete his part. and the FAT32 part.
    3 - Join them, making a new partition with more space.

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    disk manager in NT/2000/XP

    remove Non-dos partitions..
    remove Fat32 Partition
    create nwe partition using all avail space
    format fat32

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