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    Mandrake9.1 blackscreen/video config help

    Hey, I'm having problems installing Mandrake Linux 9.1/9.2. I decided to switch from Debian Woody to Mandrake, because it's better for newbies. I'm a Linux Noob, BTW. Here's the problem. First, I installed with Mandrake 9.1. I didn't test the video or anything in the SUMMARY, I just rebooted. It would bring up the bootloader, and then I could choose Linux, and it would stay at a blackscreen. If i entered in failsafe mode, it would hangup at Loading Linux Kernel.

    I tried again using 9.2. I tried configuring my video card. I was using a ATI Radeon 9600 Pro 256MB. I can't configure it. I try different modules/drivers, and none of them work. Not even VGA or SVGA. Here's some error messages that I get:

    An Error Occured
    Try changing some parameters

    Cannot determine the screen layout

    Error from xf86HandleConfigFile

    And when I go through with the install, the same thing will happen that happened with 9.1. Ugh. I got debian woody to work, but I couldnt get X-Window to work.

    Can someone please help me out? I don't want to give up on this great OS. I'm a developer and I want to start programming for Linux! Please help me out guys! and gals! Thanks!

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    I get the exact same prob with Mandrake 9.1 and 9.2.

    My Specs:

    Matrox Millenium G200 8mb
    Compaq Deskpro
    256mb pc100
    p3 500

    RedHat 9.0 installed but I couldn't get apache working, but I prefer Mandrake anyway. Very configurable for the newb. I used to run it on my old HP vectra VL (P166)

    Any help getting mandrake 9.2 working would be very appreciable.


    /edit After searching the forums I can't find a solution ..but.. I can press Ctrl > Alt > F1 and get a text entry..

    Where I go from here is anybody's guess..Can anyone point me in the right direction. Please

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    I would suggest going through installation again, and when you get to the summary, click the graphics part. It should go through your configuration and also let you test it. If it doesn't auto detect your settings, toy with the settings and keep testing..

    As far as 9.2 goes, it is still REAL buggy to me. I've had alot of problems trying to install it. The install time is really slow and some files were missing. It would also lock up some times. I eventually went back to 9.1.

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    Thanks for replying, I have been through the installation numerous times now, and have even 'upgraded?' by restarting with cd1 in the drive again.

    After searching the forums last night I ran a command which showed that i am using 'mga' ??

    edit /edit

    I tried to change it using vi, but I forgot how to get out of 'vi' after..doh! (I forgot about the colon).

    Anyway, I think the 'mga' part of the code is wrong, and should either be changed to matrox or vesa (according to the other post on this forum).

    If anyone can confirm this today (I am at work) or knows this is definately the wrong course of action please advise.


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    I've toyed with the graphics settings for 45 minutes, with no result. I decided to finish the install. This time, I could get to the console, but its doing the same thing debian was doing to me when i tried to startx.

    No Screens Found.

    How can I fix that? If im having the same problem on both, im going back to Debian

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    I changed the "mga" to "matrox" (didn't work)
    changed it to "vesa" (didn't work)

    I am now at a loss.


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