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    "Guaranteed" Safe Paritioning?

    Having had a bad experience in the past with a reformatted hard drive, I could really use some help on getting a dual boot system set up.

    I have an HP system that is in 2 partitions: my regular C drive (106 GB, 59.7 GB used) and my D drive, a Recovery Partition (5.54 GB).

    Is there any kind of program for Windows that will partition my C drive safely, "guaranteed?" I realize that it probably can't be guaranteed, but is there a program that would do it right every time, as long as you follow the instructions (instead of it being a luck-of-the-draw thing)?

    I'm hoping to install Mepis alongside my XP installation (which I would be happy to remove, except that my tech-illiterate parents use this comp as well, so I certainly don't want to mess up Windows!) Mepis well-suited to dual-booting? Or is there another distro that will set up a dual-boot system "guaranteed?"

    Another thing: since I probably can't install Linux in a dual-boot without some risk, is there some way that I can back up my hard drive completely? The Recovery Partition is very helpful, but it makes things into the way the computer first was. Can I do something so that I could restore it the way it is right now?

    I've also heard about Topologilinux, which is able to set up Linux without messing with partitions...would that be a good idea?

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    It is very easy to install Mepis. Just click on the "Install" icon on the desktop of the livecd.
    It is just as easy to setup a dua-boot Mepis/Windows.
    When installing Mepis just tell it which partition you want to put it on.
    Mepis has qtparted which is a clone of Partition Magic.
    Qtparted is not 100 % gauranteed, but then what is. Qtparted comes as close as you can get.
    And yes, as long as you follow the Mepis install instructios, you should be fine.
    For refernce
    and so on.
    Don't hesitate to post if you have a problem in the install.

    For backing up the system, you could just put all your data on your current D: drive, or back it up to cd/dvd.
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    There are NO Guarantees when it comes to computing...

    There is no way we can guarantee you will not suffer a power outage, or that the dog won't knock the plug out of the wall as you are resizing your partitions so you MUST take precautions..

    if you are concerned about losing your data.. back up anything important to CDR's or DVDs before repartitioning. If something goes wrong no big deal you have everything that's important..

    If you don't backup your data first and something goes wrong you have no-one to blame but yourself..

    that being said.. qt parted should allow you to resize your partitions to make room for linux.

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    The safest way I know of re-partitioning is to shell out for a copy of Partition Magic. It is pretty easy to use, and seems very safe indeed.

    But no matter how safe something is, take suitable precautions before messing with your data!
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    Thanks, everyone, for all your help.

    I think I've found some good and specific info on how to use qtparted in the Mepis installation:

    If all goes well, I'll be able to backup all my info on CDs and install Mepis this Saturday when I have the whole day free.

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    Also, before partitioning, make sure to defragment the windows drives.
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    On Windows, run CMD and type in defrag -b, then open the Defragmenter and Defrag, that should move most to all of your data to the front of your HD. Be careful, though, that recovery drive is most likely another partition on your disk, so don't write over it. QTParted is a Partiton Magic clone at best, and as experience with Triple Booting, I can always relie on it. Though, do backup your most important data, the recovery partition will fix Windows, but not your personal files. Hope that helps out Some.

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