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    duel boot and bluetooth

    alright, had no problems with the installation of my new suse linux, but can't get it to offer an option of that, or the other os installed on my comp (win xp).

    is it possible to bring up the choose os screen, or am i going to need to use disk each time i want to use linux?

    also, i have a bluetooth keyboard and mouse, is their any work being done on linux / bluetooth compatibility?


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    Doesn't your machine boot in either OS? What happens when you turn your pc on. I am not familiar with Suse but other flavors have the option of booting from a floppy.

    There's a couple of ways of doing this so let us know what is happening so far,
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    There's an official bluetooth stack that now comes standard with new kernels of linux, it's called BlueZ. The official website for it is on . If your bluetooth mouse and keyboard is the microsoft one, I believe there may be some instructions there for it if I'm not mistaken. Besides that, there's other stuff related to bluetooth on linux as well.


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    Do you rememeber when you installed linux where you told linux to put the boot loader? if is was mbr then you would have a option screen at bootup with linux and windows as options to boot to. Sounds like by accident or oversight another option was picked or skipped.

    If you have not done much customization, I recommend a reinstall-no joke. It really is good practice and gets you more familar with terms you'll use later with customizing your install or adding softare. i.e hd0=c: eth0=your nic etc...

    I learned alot by reinstalling linux many times over just as a learning tool.

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