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    Red Hat Enterprise Linux WS

    Hi I am trying to install Redhat Enterprise Linux WS and I am sure when I have done it before it has asked me if I want to enable dhcp during the install (choosing workstation option. However this time it hasnt.

    How do I configure it to use DHCP. It has a network connection available.

    i typed dhcpcd lo and dhcpcd eth0 but when I do ifconfig -a is still doesnt show me an IP Address


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    Quick update on this.

    I was reading the installation guide and it said if no network card is detected then it will skip that section.

    However I do have a network card. it is inbuilt onto the motherboard (not a pci one)

    I know it works as this machine used to run Windows and it was fully networked up.

    Any reason why it wouldnt find it?

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    Execute lspci to see if linux have found the card.

    If it have been found there you have to tell which driver you want to use, try eepro110 and see if that workes. You have to add en entry in /etc/modules.conf, like this

    alias eth0 eepro100
    And the edit your /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 to look likte this

    Also make sure that /etc/sysconfig/network says NETWORKING=yes


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