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Thread: Dual boot!

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    Dual boot!

    Ive been searching on google trying to find information on dual-booting windows xp and fedora core 4, ive found information but it's all to advanced for me beause im new to linux.

    I situation:
    Im currently using windows xp. I have a 14.6 gb NTFS logical partition that i want to install Linux on so i can have a dual boot with windows and linux how would i come about this.

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    This 14.6 GB NTFS partition, is it empty?
    If so, you will want to delete it and recreate it using XPs disk management tool.
    Leave it as unformatted space.
    Then boot with the FC disk and install to that partition.

    During the install just make sure that the installer doesn't change /dev/hda1. That is where your XP is.
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    Yes it is empty, do i have to delete the partition in windows disk management and leave as unformated space. If i install linux on it will i be able to dual boot!

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    If it is empty and that is where you want to install it, you do not have to make it free space. Fedora will format that partition for you.

    During the install, Fedora should pick up the Windows installation and ask you which you want to boot by default. Both of them will be added to the grub (linux bootloader) menu.

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    I delted the partition the re made it without formatting it. When i go into my computer and right click on the partition it says beside file system "raw" is that what i should leave it as. Should i now install linux will it all work sweet. Will i be able to boot into windows and linux

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    just leave partition raw,insert linux disk & it will do everything from there & will set up dual boot for you, as stated by bryansmith's post
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