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    Slackware 10.2
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    Quote Originally Posted by cheetahman
    Slackware 10.2
    You know I am beginnging to think I could try slackware 10.2 on a minimal install. I may give it a go and see what happens. As michael mentioned earlier hes running slackware 10.0 with less system specs as I am. Whats the worst that could happen? Oh no I have to reformat my 500 meg hard drive

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    Text mode should be OK, just don't go expecting a big WM like KDE, KDE in 4.0 is different, and ligther on specs...

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    Quote Originally Posted by cheetahman
    Slackware 10.2
    Cheetahman not again man... Don't act like you know.

    You could get Slack 10 up and running but only in text mode or with a light window manager. 32 MB RAM minimum needed, so he won't be doing much with it - he'll need swap.
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    Why don't u try to use SLAX ( ). This is a Live-CD distro based on slackware. Big advantage is you can use it as Live-CD, but also as an "real" OS installed on your harddrive. Small installs take about 200MB compressed. The Apache and PHP can be added as modules, or you can make you own ISO image first with MySLAX Creator and then install you're own build image to your harddrive. You can build your own custom Kernels that can be implemented in your own ISO's.

    Another nice thing about this SLAX is the possibility to update/upgrade it to an complete Slackware-Current if you wish. You can use tools as slapt-get or slackpkg to do this. Just make sure u got the right libs installed in your ISO.
    Besides that, you can run it fully RAM booted. Allthough you need at least 256MB of ram. But it'll make you OS run like hell. I use it for CMS systems ( MAMBO/JOOMLA and FTP, GAME Servers etc ) and it all runs very fast and stable.

    So... download the smallest ISO ( 50MB's ) put in your required modules ( Apache,PHP, etc ) built your new ISO with MySLAX Creator ( under Windows if u like ) to burn and boot your new ISO and install it to Harddrive or USB sticks whatever. ( 486's don't support this unfortunatly).

    Succes with it.

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