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    which linux should I use?

    I am new to Linux, Recently I installed Red Hat Linux 9 (having a hard time firguring out how to use it), I heard that there are many companies that provide linux for free. Can someone tell me which one (in overall) is the best Linux out there and send me a link so that I can download it. Thanks a lot for your help.

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    There isn't a "best" distro out there. It is personal preference and what fits your needs. Start trying out different ones until you find one you like. I have used slack, debian, and gentoo. I like gentoo the most because I think it has the best package management system but I am sure there are plenty of others on this board who disagree with me.

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    For a new person using linux, you might want to start out with Mandrake Linux, but if you had a "hard time" with RedHat, I doubt you'll find Mandrake all that much easier since most of its development was based on RedHat. Just remember, this is not Windows that you are installing on your machine, it is Linux. In general expect Linux to be more complex because it is. It is less "user-friendly" but it allows much greater control over your hardware and operating system than Windows allows. Why did you find RedHat difficult to use? Did you have a problem during the installation? If so, maybe it can be fixed and you might be better off just staying with RedHat.

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    I couldn't install my Radeon 9200 in linux. I also couldn't set my refresh rate higher to its default. I am a software developer and i cannot find out how to start Java programming in linux. Where can i find java compilers for linux? and how do i install them? How do i remove a package. Thanks for your reply but i do have lots of questions. Help?

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