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    May be a completely irrelevant problem...still..

    Hi everyone,
    I'm trying to install MandrakeLinux on my Pentium 1 233-MHz com. At first when I inserted the CD into my D drive everything worked perfectly. I planned to install that night, but I messed around with the drive and pretty much ruined the whole drive. I managed to get it workable again but now it does not have Autoplay (small problem). Now, when I insert the CD and click on Autorun.exe, a message appears which states:

    Config file not found, please make sure there is an autorun.conf in Drive:\Dosutils\lang directory

    I checked and there was an "autorun.con" in the folder. On another computer, it displays "autorun.conf", proving that there is a problem with my computer...

    Anyone have any idea on how to remedy it??? Thnx

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    My first guess would be clean the disk and what version Mandrake.....and how much memory does the system have

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    if you're wanting to install Mandrake, why not just boot from the CD (i.e. put it in the drive and reboot).. should work if your BIOS is set up to boot from the CD-ROM drive..
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    I think I would try changing the filename to 'autorun.conf', and see if the change sticks. Linux doesn't use .exe files by default, so you may need to install the DOSemu package to get that ability

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