how do you get the kubuntu installer to recognize a raid aray? i have two hard drives, a pair of 80 gig WD sata drives, on mirror raid, with a windows ntfs partition and 10 gigs of unpartitioned space. with windows i had to put the drivers on a floppy and load it durring the install, what is the procedure i should use here? here is a link to the motherboad site. thanks for all your help!

ps im installing off the Kubuntu 5.10 (breezy) i386 cd.

ok i did it again and this time i created two raid partitions on the seperatly recognized sata drives, and when i went to create software raid i got a message telling me it needed to write changes to the disks to continue. i think this is what i want to do, and this will make it recognize the raid i have however im worried that doing this will make my current ntfs windows partition unusable or even erase it, how should i proceed?