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    Installers can't see hd

    I'm trying to intall Redhat 7.3 on my old PC (I'm replacing NetBSD), but the installer can't see my (IDE, 4 gig) hd and thus can't write to it and install. I'm having the same problem with Slackware 8.1. Do I have to partition the drive before installing? Maybe there's a problem with the file system?

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    Well, that wouldn't prevent you from seing it. What partitioning tool do you use?

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    I can't use a partitioning tool, the installers can't get that far because they can't see the drive.

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    im assuming this hard drive worked fine before?

    when you say it cant see it - what error do you get?

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    I think I remember a few problems with the hd and installers-most recently, the NetBSD 1.6 installer couldn't create partitions, I had to overwrite the MBR.
    fdisk says "Can't seek on hard drive" and cfdisk tells me that the hard drive can't be seen.

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    hardware problem, almost definately. The drives go bad after a couple years. Much better off just biting the bullet and buying a different hard drive. You might be able to mount it once everything is installed on a different hard drive to try and recover data.
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    Strange, the drive works fine with NetBSD. Oh well.
    I'll try to install Linux one more time with Knoppix, and if that doesn't work, I'll get a new hd.

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