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    The PHP configuration on your server doesn't support the dat

    hi i install everything : Apache 2.0, PHP 4.2.2, and MySQL 3.23.52 in RedHatlinux 8.0
    But when i install phpBB forum , i got this message in phpBB forum installation site:

    "The PHP configuration on your server doesn't support the database type that you chose"

    I'm sure that i create a database (but without table) before i fill out the installation of phpBB..I think phpBB will create its own table...
    I'm new to Linux and PHP, mysql. Can any one tell step by step??
    I saw from other web sites , they say PHP 4.2.2 doesnot work under Apache Do i need downgrade to Apache 1.3.26. If this is my problem..any one can tell me how to uninstall Apache 2 and install Apache 1.3.26...Thank

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    Does PHP work correctly?

    Have you got php working correctly.

    Create a new php document (with the correct extension .php, .php3 or .php4). then type the following:

    <? phpinfo() ?>

    save and open that file in a web browser off your server.

    It will list all lots of info about your php configuration including the configures. Check to see if there is any reference to mysql in the "Configure Command" box.

    If it does then reply and we'll try some more stuff. I had huge problems configuring php and mysql on my redhat 8 system. But it all works great now.

    Keep at it.

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    ...what kpzani said. By default, PHP isn't installed with mysql support (unless it's straight from the distro install during OS setup). You'll have to re-compile php with the mysql flag in order for it to work.


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