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    Well, I have neither username nor password for my ISP. Does that convince you enough? =)
    The only info I need to connect is basically my IP address (they don't use DHCP, which is very nice since I have a static IP). The way my ISP authenticates me is simply that only I am connected to that port on their demuxer.

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    now I know I am the typo guy, but you all should have heard of this somewhre...

    PPPoE stands for Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet.

    PPPoA stands for Point-to-Point Protocol over ATM

    Quiet brain, or I\'ll stab you with a Q-tip.

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    I assumed it was a typo too. Oh well. Yeah, I don't need a username/password for my internet either, but that is because it is a unique id on each modem (that I basically "rent" from the cable company)
    I respectfully decline the invitation to join your delusion.

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