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    Install issue, 64-bit Linux

    this distro does not have the dosutils folder, or the autorun.exec programs as are provided on my linux 7.1 distro which is very happy to boot on my amd semplon k8s-mx motherboard. The error message "cannot read cdrom" etc as documented elsewhere in this forum does not seem to relate to the real problem which is that the necessary boot programs were never provided on the three cd distro sent to me. (nor the dvd sent to the other correspondent I presume.)

    Could we not get this rectified please with a re-issue to all those purchasers!

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    What distribution are we talking about? SuSE, Mandriva?
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    Uh could u be more clearer? It won't boot not necessarily coz the cds are crappy. It might that u forgot to enter in ur bios to activate the options "Boot from CD first", u forgot to put the cds into the drive etc...If u suspect the cds check the md5sum
    As techimoe I'm looking forward the name of the distro which provides autorun.exe and dosutils

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    k8S-MX booting from cdrom

    sorry that pre-amble identifying elements is not displayed.

    distro is mandriva 10.1 amd 64 bit, the hard drive controller is scsi - not SATA which I have disabled in the bios. booting from cdrom is ok from redhat linux 9, mandriva 7.1, w98se. Clue to the knowledgeable linux buff is that syslog says :

    warning, insmod failed (keybdev(null)) (2)
    AUTOMATIC: parameter cdrom for method means returning CDROM drive

    after which : succeeded ide-cd, sr_mod, usb-storage messages but dies
    with msg :- looking for scsi media

    kernel msg equivalent: EXT-2-fs warning: checktime reached, running recommended;

    Have installed 2.6.15 (amd64) kernel on rh9 (2.4.20- with interesting results but at least sis190 then works and I have broadband - hooray.

    Hoping for solution but fear there is a bug in k8S-MX

    many thanks

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