I am fairly new to Linux and besides using it a little 2 years ago don't have too much knowledge of it, but I have installed more than 2 different Distros on different machines before.

Anyway I am currently trying to install Ubuntu and/or SUSE 10 but both have been locking up at the same location, Ubuntu locks up after it tries to start the partition manager (just a blank blue screen) and SUSE also locks up after it is trying to Analyze my current partitions (it stays stuck with that little message in the middle of the screen). I am using 64bit versions of both on my AMD64, my HD setup is as follows, one larger (master) drive with 3 partitions dedicated to windows and one smaller (slave) drive unformated to be dedicated to Linux. I have also tried booting with the slave drive unplugged just for testing with no different result.

Oh I also plan to dual boot if you haven't guessed already.

The only Linux I've got to run on this machine is a KNOPPIX STD Live CD and if it helps my old Redhat CDs had no problem partitioning my drive.

I really have no clue on what to do... I was really set on learning Linux (as much as I can) during these 2 weeks I have off from school.

Thank You Very Much for any help.