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    booting from ISO image in hard disk


    I am new to linux. I am planning to install Red hat 9. Currently I am running Windows XP Professional. But, now I would like to have dual boot and multiple operating systems in single hard disk. I have already downloaded 3 ISO images of red hat 9 named as follows from the internet into my hard disk (running Win XP)

    Can anyone of you explain to me how to install red hat 9 from the ISo images on my hard disk. My CR-ROM is not functioning well, thus i have no choice, but to install from the hard disk. This is the spec of my rather old PC.
    -AMD K6(tm)3D processor
    -128MB RAM

    Thank you

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    You can use a CD burning utility like Nero to unpack the iso images to a file system location on your hard drive, but you will still need to get them off to either a burned CD image or a network drive to install to your local hard drive. You won't be able to simply run an install 'from' and 'to' the same hard drive....I don't think

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    Yeah, unfortunately, I don't believe it is possible to do what you want.

    You might consider finding a good friend, putting your HD in his computer, and use his CD drive to install?

    Or maybe put his CD drive in your computer?

    But you will probably need a CD drive of some sort.

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    vm player done it

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    Here's a Red Hat 9 "Installing From a Hard Drive" howto that might help:

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    Quote Originally Posted by ozar
    Here's a Red Hat 9 "Installing From a Hard Drive" howto that might help:
    Thankx for the link. I had tried out this method, but I am still facing problem. Firstly I created boot diskette using rawrite utility to copy bootdisk.img into my diskette. Remember that, as I had said previously, I have 3 ISO images in my hard disk partition c: representing 3 Cds of Red Hat 9. Then, I reboot my PC. It can then boot into Redhat splash screen with boot: prompt. From there, how do I point to my ISo images in my c partition to start installation? I tried to use the command linux askmethod, but it gave error.... So I am stuck here.... can any one help me? Thankx

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