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    New distro, bootloader failed to install - now what?

    Hi guys - first a little backstory:
    I have the latest Whax live cd, which boots and runs fine. However, I found it to be rather slow as my laptop is old (Celeron 500) and the CD drive is not the best, so I thought I'd install it to the harddrive.
    I used the Whax Installer utility provided, and it got to 100% and said all done, so I rebooted as prompted. This was when the problems started, as the laptop booted straight back to XP.

    It seems that despite asking me which device I would like to install the boot loader on (I only have /dev/hda), the installer didn't actually install it. The live cd only has LILO (I'd prefer grub but I can always change later) so I've been trying to work with that having booted off the live cd again.

    I've written out a lilo.conf and specified that it should apply it to /dev/hda but I'm getting "Fatal: creat /boot/boot.0300: Read-only file system". Obviously this is because the live cd is... well... a CD. I tried "chroot /mnt/hda6" but then all the important folders like /dev are missing so lilo still won't run.
    Does anyone have any ideas at all?

    My partition setup is as follows:
    1: Windows (NTFS)
    2: Extended partition containing
    - 3: 256MB linux-swap
    - 4: 1GB EXT3 WHAX

    Please let me know if I'm doing something moronic here.
    Any suggestions on how to get LILO to install (or where/why the installer may have failed) are much appreciated.

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    when installing it you don't just say that "/dev/hda" is where you want to install it from, your just saying the harddrive, but not giving it the partition that you want, boot it into whax again and type "fdisk -l" (thats a lower case L) meaning list, it will list all of your partitions, see which one is your ext3 one, hda1 or hda2 or hda3, etc, now when installing it, put the partition number aswell ah hd, so if its /dev/hda3 install it to /dev/hda3, this will fix your problem

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