Some new hardware of mine is throwing me for a loop. I have 2 80GB SATAs set in a striped array (0), giving a usable capacity of 152.66GB. I divided the array into 2 partitions, therefore XP shows these partitions as being about 1/2 the total capacity as they should. with XP on the first partition, and the remainding space as unused space. The problem comes when I attempt to install Linux, because Debian shows 2 drives, not partitions and the capacity of each at 82GB, which is too high, it also shows an NTFS drive of the same size below the other 2 with a zig zag arrow pointing down. I decided to check what the SuSe installation would show, it shows both of the drives, but XP as only being on SDB1 and no other freespace or partions anywhere. I should also mention that when I plugin the IDE drive, Linux only sees 1 partion on it also, despite the fact that there are 2. A friend of mine seemed to think that the problem might be due to an incompatability between Linux and the SATA raid controller on the motherboard. My old motherboard, which had a Via chipset, instead of the nForce chipset on my new mobo, did not have this problem. That same friend suggested buying a separate PCI controller, which I will do if I must, but it seems that surely this motherboard aught to be able to do the job itself. Is there a way to approach this problem that I'm not thinking of? Would it make a difference if I used another type of raid?