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    Installation Problems (Partioning)

    firstly before you tell me to read the sticky i already have and it has still left me slightly confused.
    I have been using Linux for a while from a live CD (Ubuntu 5.04) and am wanting to install it now that i'm starting to get used to it while still keeping windows (for now) i keep striking problems when it comes to formatting have lost all my data several times as it always wants to reformat the whole drive (lucky i backed everything up first)
    can someone help with my partioning woes please?

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    Welcome to the forums!

    Partitions are quite often a big stumbling block for new Linux users.

    If you don't feel comfortable with partitioning under Linux, you could use Partition Magic under Windows to create your partitions, then when you go to install Linux, just use the partitions you already created.

    Just an idea for you to consider.

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    Problem Solved

    I worked it out since i lost everything and had to reinstall windows again. I thought i would try something different and instead of partitioning the whole drive when i installed windows i only partitioned a portion leaving some free then when i installed ubuntu I used the largest empty partition option and now I have Linux installed on my drive.

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    Yeah, partitions can be a little hard to understand at first (even I get confused sometimes). Essentially, your hard drive needs to be divided into different sections for linux. You should have at least the following partitions:
    One primary partition, a swap partition (usually twice as big as your RAM) and a small partition for GRUB or LILO.

    More info on partitions can be found by googling.

    Good luck

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